Individuals with Medicare coverage are no longer eligible for subsidies once Medicare Part A coverage starts. As part of the Affordable Care Act, members enrolled in Medicare who receive tax subsidies for a Marketplace plan are no longer eligible for those subsidies.  Federal rules dictate that clients enrolled in Medicare who still claim tax subsidies will be liable to pay them back when they file their 2016 tax return.   

Qualifying Events

If you miss the open enrollment period for individual health coverage you still might be able to get health insurance if you have had one of the following "Qualified Events" occur:

1. Just got married or divorced

2. Just had a newborn

3. COBRA coverage ending

4. Moved from out of state

5. Employer plan has been terminated

These events can allow you to enroll for coverage, make a plan change or add a new dependent within certain time periods.

There are Qualified Events for Individual Medicare plans also

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Selecting the right health insurance plan is a matter of balancing your needs with your budget. We offer a broad range of health insurance plans providing coverage's that are ACA compliant   with affordable prices. You can choose the health plan that is right for you and each member of your family. One size does not have to fit all.


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